If you want to add depths and colors to certain features of your face, then you’re in the right place! Makeup tattoo is a new rage nowadays, and we offer the following services:

Eyebrow Tattoo

Want your eyebrows to be always on fleek? Then give our eyebrow tattoo a try!

“Double Style” by Noha Moawad (Hair by hair)

This is a specialized service performed by the well-known tattoo expert in the country, Noha Moawad. This uses the “hair by hair” technique to resemble your natural hair, giving you a well-groomed yet natural-looking eyebrows.

Lips Tattoo

Achieve that kissable lips by getting your lips tattooed. If you have severe hyperpigmentation in your lips, then lips tattoo is your answered prayer. Lips tattoo helps hide the hyperpigmentation caused by excessive sun exposure, smoking, and certain allergic reactions.

Lip Liner & Natural Lips Color

Define the shape of your lips and give the illusion of smooth edges with this combo service. You’ll be getting a lip liner to outline the shape of your lips, plus a natural lip color to enhance the look.


Wearing eyeliner draws attention to your eyes. It helps enhance or change the shape of your eyes, as well as make your lashes look lush. How about getting all these good stuff without having to worry about eyeliner streak sand smudges? Yes, please!